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  • Interventional Cardiology
    It may be necessary for you to undergo an invasive coronary angiogram, generally prior to cardiac surgery or if there is suspicion of significant narrowing within your heart (coronary) arteries that need to be treated. This test is performed under local anaesthetic as a day procedure at the Eastern Heart Clinic within the Prince of Wales Hospital complex.
    An angiogram is a dye test where plastic tubes (catheters) are fed through the vascular system usually from the groin, iodine contrast is injected through the catheters into the heart arteries and X-ray images are obtained outlining the arteries and defining any blockages there may be. It may be necessary to proceed with ballooning (angioplasty) and stent placement at the same time. If an angiogram only is performed it is usual for you to go home on the same day.
    Your cardiologist may refer you to one of the other cardiologists within the Randwick Cardiology Team for this procedure.