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  • Nuclear Cardiology
    You may be referred for a Nuclear Scan following your consultation. This is generally performed when looking for areas of the heart muscle that may not be receiving sufficient blood flow but is useful in a variety of other situations such as assessing heart function. The test involves injection of a radio tracer into a vein and then imaging the uptake of the tracer within the heart – using a gamma camera.
    The test is performed at the Prince of Wales Hospital, bookings are usually made early in the morning and the entire procedure should take about 4 – 5 hours.
    • Comfortable shorts and walking or jogging shoes should be worn.
    • You will need to “fast” from midnight the night before your test.
    • You should have no caffeine for the 24 hours prior to your appointment.
      (ie. no tea, coffee, chocolate, cola etc.)
    • Do not take your morning medications but bring them with you. Medication can be taken immediately following your stress test.
    • **Diabetic patients will need to follow special instructions.
    • **Please advise staff if your are diabetic.